Israel, Right Around the COrner

I successfully made it to Jerusalem without getting lost or ending up in another city. I did somehow end up with a Canadian stamp in my passport, that I have no idea if I was suppose to get or why I go it.  My day began with 24 hours of travel and I have been in Jerusalem for about 5 hours now.  The day started a little rough with the bus to the airport taking almost 2.5 hours because of the snow and accidents on the road.  I was prepared and left early so I still made my flight with time to spare.  I then flew 3 hours to Toronto, spent several hours in the Toronto airport because my flight to Israel was delayed, and spent 11 hours next to a very grumpy women on the way to Tel Aviv.  The flight was long enough to get 2 hot meals and watch a movie and take a nap.

I then was prepared for a rough experience in customs/immigration from what I have heard.  Instead it took me less then 5 minutes to go through customs and immigration.  They only asked me two questions, where I was going and if I had any friends or family.  I answered no to having friends or family and I hope she was talking about in Israel or she probably thinks I am a very lonely person.  Most of those 5 minutes were spent finding and using an ATM.

I check into my hostel that has a mystery door on my dorm room.  I really have no idea how to open it.  I would post pictures, but I am scared to try to get into my room.  I then explored the Old City for a couple hours mainly wandering around. Since it is Shabbat everything was closed.  I think that it is impossible to get lost in the Old City, but also impossible to know where you are.  One amusing experience was a street that was 5 feet wide had a traffic jam and everyone was pushing and welling at people to walk in English.  After they berated the crowd in English they went back to speaking Arabic, Hebrew, French, Spanish, ect.

The next two days I will probably spend in Jerusalem.

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  1. Mom says:

    Awesome Todd! So happy to hear you are safe and off to a good start. Love, Mom and Dad

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