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Cycling to Logarska Dolina

Day two cycling was another successful day. It started with breakfast consisting of two types of homemade prosciutto and half pork half beef salami. Most of the stuff on the table minus the coco puffs and butter was made in house … Continue reading

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Botiza, A Contrast Between Old and New

Botiza is a very small town where everyone knows everyone because they live no more than 350 meters from them. It is also a very poor town. Most of the people over the age of 20 have left to go … Continue reading

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Romania, where people wonder why you are walking instead of hitch hiking

Today was a day of meeting awesome people. I finished up seeing the sights in Sibiu and took a train to Brasov. There I grabbed a fast food fried pork sandwich with coleslaw and sat at the station near the … Continue reading

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The King has Died

Seriously, the Roma king passed away last night in Turkey. He was from Sibiu which means his body along with 250,000 Roma ( read gypsies) are coming to Sibiu for his funeral in the next couple of days. I am … Continue reading

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Bran/Dracula’s Castle is a giant McDonalds play area

My iPad is not liking WordPress so please excuse the formatting errors and typos. It takes way too long to try to fix them. I visited Bran Castle this morning which is “Dracula’s”, but in reality had nothing to do … Continue reading

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Customs? Immigration? Romania?

Normally when I hear stories about people not remembering going through customs or immigration it is because they took too many sleeping pills and went through them, but just don’t remember doing it. I slept the first part of my … Continue reading

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Off to Romania

I have decided that I don’t really know what time, or what day it is, and Heathrow does a good job making that a reality. Every restaurant in the terminal seems to be selling breakfast all day long, along with … Continue reading

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