Israel: If you want pictures of the actual sites, google them


I wonder if “holy gators” don’t tip


In the West Bank, she did not shoot me….Image

Haul from the market, yummy in my tummy


I look retarded in this picture because I just slipped on some Dead Sea zest, but some how was still smiling and didn’t fall


This 65+ year old women made it up these steps.  It was a struggle, she then had the biggest smile on her face ever.  I don’t think she has yet realized that she had to come down them.


More market goodies


Sunrise over the Dead Sea from Masada (a castle without horses)


My sea view from my room in Aqaba (Jordan), that is Israel straight ahead and Egypt is to the left not in the photo, but trust me it is there.


I call this animal a tree groundhog.  I think I am wrong, but I am okay with that.

I am now in Jordan, it is hot.  Jordan is AWESOME.  The people are super friendly.  I was sitting on a bench and a man came up and tried to talk to me (his English was a little better then my Arabic meaning he knew over 10 words) the next thing I know there are four people talking to me for about 20 minutes.  Before I was talking to them the only three Arabic words I knew were emmshe (which means screw off, but worse), Laa (no), and mumkin (maybe).  I now know nam (yes), shukran (thanks), and mahaba (hi).  Well I am off to wander some more and grab some food.  There really isn’t much to see in Aqaba.  I will try to include more photos if the computer allows it.

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