Off to Romania

I  decided that I don’t really know what time, or what day it is, and Heathrow does a good job making that a reality. Every restaurant in the terminal seems to be selling breakfast all day long, along with beer 24/7. I am currently three quarters of my way to Romania.  One question I have been getting a lot when people hear I am going to Romania is why.  My typical response for past trips is that I want to go someplace that interests me, but I might not want to go to when I am 60.  That is still the truth but I kind of wanted to do Europe this trip and I wanted to go someplace where I can read the language’s letters. Romania is a compromise trip with half of it being Transylvania (castles and medieval towns) and the other part Maramures (a region that has about 10 pages in the Lonely Planet and can best be described as rural Romania with very little public transportation). I will try to keep this blog updated as much as possible, but I am not sure how much Internet I will have in Maramures.

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