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Exploring Australia: Sydney is Different than New Plymouth

Katy had managed to not use any of her six weeks of vacation during our first five months in New Zealand, and despite that we have managed to travel extensively around New Zealand. We decided that March was a good … Continue reading

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Exploring New Zealand’s Dusky Track

“Are you nervous or excited?” asked Taylor, one of the five people on our 45 minute boat ride to be dropped off to start the Dusky Track, as our boat pulled up to shore. It was a very valid question, … Continue reading

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How New Zealand does Christmas

This year it was hard to get in the Christmas spirit. I think that is because New Zealand does Christmas very differently than the states. The obvious difference is that in New Zealand Christmas occurs just a couple days after … Continue reading

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Tristan and Lemac come to visit New Zealand

New Zealand does not do Christmas lights.  It is depressing.  Most aspects about New Zealand life are very easy to adapt to, but the lack of holiday cheer and the prevalence of bare feet at the grocery store are two … Continue reading

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Rarotonga, not Tonga or Toga, but the Cook Islands

Katy and I decided that that we wanted to explore someplace that wasn’t in New Zealand after our 27 days of visitors, so after my parents left we came back to New Plymouth, Katy worked four shifts, and on the … Continue reading

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