I am a Mess on a Horse

Yesterday I was able to ride horses and go to castles albeit not at the same time.  I rode my horse fast.  My official opinion is that cantering and galloping are a lot easier to ride than trotting.  My second opinion is that my ass is sore after spending 5 hours on a horse.

I was on a horse for real

When I left you last time I went and met up with the group from the previous night but the Aussie was replaced by someone from Holland. We decided to see Petra by Night which consists of walking a mile down the siq (a canyon similar to the ones in Zion) which was lit by candles to the Treasury (which is one of the two main buildings).  After we walked down there was suppose to be some cheesy music and story telling.  We tried to get some beer or wine to make the cheese more palatable, but we failed since it is only sold in hotel bars here.  The show ended up being awesome because there was a wind storm and the candles that were in paper bags started lighting the bags on fire creating mayhem, it was awesome.  Then it started to downpour and everyone started running the mile back up the hill and we just sat there while this guy tried to play the flute like nothing was happening, we had a blast.  We then went to the Cave Bar which is the “oldest bar” in the world since it is in a 2000 year old cave.  The atmosphere was slightly offset by one of the worse singers trying to do the Beatles, but failing with style.

The next day I went to Shobak castle which was built by Baldwin the 1st a long time ago.  It  was partly in ruins, but partly not.  It was really cool including a 275 step tunnel to the water source.  The only issue is that I didn’t have my headlight with me so I figured it would be a good idea to use the red light on my camera that goes off before the flash as a flashlight (it worked pretty well).  I had the entire sight to myself and a taxi with an hour waiting time cost $25 (my hotel said that was a really good price) to drive the 110kms and hangout while I was there (it took over two hours).  Talking with the taxi driver was great.  He was not pro their King and it was interesting to hear his views on the fact that the King is not changing with the times.  It seems that most people here are anti-Assad and that they are really being hammered by about a 50% decrease in tourism because of the violence in the region.
When I got back, I had a little down time before I started my horse adventure.  Two of my objectives on this trip were to see castles and go fast on horses.  I ended up talking to a horse boy and they are hired by the day and I ended up with a 5 hour horse ride.  The beginning was on the road and a little lame, but then we went on the flat desert with scenery kind of like Moab and started going fast.  I have to say that going at a cantor and gallop are so much better then trotting, I had a giant smile on my face (a giant one).  It was so much fun, but I was a mess on the horse since I really didn’t know what I was suppose to do other than the horse riding lessons I had when I was like 12.  Little kids laughed at me, I didn’t care, I was going fast on a horse.  My ass is sore today…
When I came back I was told that the group was going to dinner and they picked a pizza place (lame), but they said I had to come for comic relief so I said okay and went and was social over the food (plus I wasn’t super hungry after lunch).
Today it was great to wake up and see who won the election.  I didn’t have to deal with the entire evening of coverage, just the results.
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