Going to Iraq??

I am not normally near road signs that says the right lane for Iraq and middle lane for Saudi Arabia

This is interesting because it was a painting in a hunting lodge ~700CE and the paintings depict nude women.  It was painted by the Umayyad Dynasty, the first Muslim rulers.  Now all women are completely covered.  The city I am in now (Madaba) is 1/3 Christian and the women here are the first local women I have seen without their heads covered (even at the beach).  There is the complete covering without an eye slit (rare, only have seen 3), then the covering with the eye slit (more common, but not very common), just the head covered with long sleeves and long pants, and just the head covered with the stereotypical one piece garb.  The last two are the most common and it is very interesting seeing the different designs and styles of the “one piece garbs”.  Some are impeccably tailored, others have side buttons or two rows or buttons, some are bedazzled, and some are baggy. I think that burkas are the very baggy ones, but there are not a lot of those.

A ~600CE mosaic map of the Holy Land, it is actually dimensionally correct

This is a local Bedouin house that has been adapted from some ruins in Petra.  Petra has a $70 entrance fee for foreigners and a $1.50 fee for Jordanians.

Another “locals” house.  When Petra was developed into a tourism site they “relocated” most of the locals into the village they built at the entrance to the site, Wadi Musa (it is spelled a different way on just about every street sign, Mosa, Mousa, Moosa)  These “houses” are outside of the main sight on a not very used trail.

800 stairs lead to this.  The stairs prevent 70% of the people that come to Petra from seeing the best building

Near sundown in Wadi Rum, a couple of days ago.

My internet is acting up so I am going to publish this.  The last computer I used was so old it did not have a USB port on the front

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