Three Days at Khovsgul in Photos

We spent most of the day driving to lake Khovsgul. Khovsgul is a rather large lake which contains about 2% of the earths fresh water. We had three nights at the lake before we drove to Moron and flew back to Ulaanbaatar.

Herders in the road. I swear the car rocked a couple times as the cows bumped into it.

Reinforced power poles, this area gets a lot of wind in the winter, I am just happy that it reduces the chance of summer power outages

Katy and I ended up switching beds since she didn’t like getting out of bed when it was cold to add more wood to the fire

Our snack stash. Half of it was ruined by evil squirrels that get into the gers. Ended up storing the survivors in the stove when not in use. Katy was so mad the snacks got eaten she was ready to make squirrel pot pie.

Safety first on our boat ride

We stayed on the lake three days. Our guide said that he had never in five years stayed in the same place for three nights. I think normally people spend a long time driving each day.

We bought some alcohol distilled from yak milk at the yak festival. It is about 25% alcohol and tastes of slightly sour milk. It cost $1.20. We did not finish it.

We splurged for some wine one night in the camp.

We walked to a sandy beach one morning that we found when we went to the reindeer herders teepee.

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