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Korea: We Made It

  As a heads up this is less of a banter and more of a report on what we have done so it is a boring post We woke up after a solid 6 hours of sleep and prepared to … Continue reading

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FACT: Moroccan Sun is Hot

  It has been a great past couple of days. We first headed to Meknes, the smallest of the three imperial cities. We of course arrived at the train station 5 minutes after a train had left so we purchased … Continue reading

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I Can Pronounce LJUBLJANA

This post will conclude the events in the Slovenia trip and will be followed up by a thoughts post.  Half of it was written on the plane and the other half a week after getting back so it will be … Continue reading

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No Brakes, No Problem, Bikes Stop Themselves

Seriously, do I need to buy a jacket? I am in Thailand and I should not be wearing two long sleeve shirts, jeans, and sneakers and still be cold, was my thought when I exited the night train at 8:30am … Continue reading

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